Say it loud!
I'm a LIBERAL and proud!

Anyone who uses the "P"word
(Progressive) is really the other "P"
word (aka "wimp"). Liberals have
allowed others to define them into
shame, and it's time to fight back.

By definition, much positive change
in the United States has been
achieved by Liberals, while the
stodgy status-quo has been
protected by Conservatives.

When polled about their overall
politics, many Americans say what
Fox News tells them to say. Yet
when polled on specific issues,
75% of America identifies with
LIBERAL values!




The elcection of Schwarzennegger proved the people
are stupid and easily manipulated.

Which are you? Arnold campaigned on zero specifics.
He wimped out of debates and said he'd figure it out
after he was elected. So, you voted for him based on
his movies and the unseccessful chain of
Planet Hollywoods.

Oh, and you really just elected confused Liberal.

If you're a Republican and you didn't vote for the
Republican wet dream McClintock, then
you're a sellout.




Hundreds of millions of dollars are being spent to declare
the obvious - smoking is unhealthy - when the money
could be used for much better causes (we suggest one option)

If you really need people to stop smoking, tell your senator
to make cigarettes illegal. Don't create a double standard by
advertising against a legal product. When forced to choose,
GreenTowel cares less about a punk teen who "rebels"
by smoking than about inner-city kids without textbooks,
teachers, and heated classrooms.

the following organizations are a complete waste
of billions of dollars:
American Legacy Foundation




The White House claims drug money is a source of funding
for terrorism.

A new source has been discovered.

For more information on renewable energy:
Renewable Energy Access

Clean Edge
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

U.S. Dept. of Energy